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Online File Manager Not Working

Started by Scorpion Illuminati, December 24, 2006, 03:29:34 AM

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Scorpion Illuminati

When i use the Online File Manager to  upload or edit my php files etc. i keep getting a "The page cannot be displayed" Cannot Find Server Message. I know its in relation to this:

IP Change 
  We have changed our hosting IP to Please update your DNS records if you have manually set them via your registrar or DNS provider. This change was necessary due to abuse going to our 132 IP address. If your domain is pointed to our nameservers, no changes are necessary. You should see the new site once your ISP's DNS cache expires.

When can i expect my control center to behave like it did before the ip change?


Hyper Rush Pong Development Team
Scorpion Illuminati - A retro rhythm game for the sega genesis!


You will be able to use the online file manager once your ISP's DNS server cache expires for our zone.  For the FreePgs zone this should have occurred within an hour of the change.

Thank you, Admin