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FTP Access Problem

Started by maverick0408, November 19, 2006, 02:39:07 PM

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I am having some problems with ftp access and I would like to get it solve. It's been 2 days im trying to access ftp and I can't. Im using Filezilla with the following settings: Port 21
Servertype: FTP
Logontype normal
with passive mode enabled...

I am behind a router but I tried removing it and it still dind't work..
When i trying to connect it says Connecting to and after about 1 min it says Unable to connect.
What is funny is that im using filezilla to connect to another ftp server and it work #1 everytime!
What's wrong? Please help because i need to uplaod some file on my server and it's too long via internet ftp!



Your ISP's entire netblock seems to have been blocked due to one abusive user.

I have removed the block.  You should now be able to connect.  (If you still cannot connect, check with your ISP or use the Contact Form to provide additional details to us)

Thank you, Admin


I guess it may be the same for my case as I cannot access the ftp using filezilla. The most weird is that I didn't use it very much these day, as I encounter problems with my internet connection. I'll ask my friend who's been using the secondary ftp account, if he didn't waste bandwidth.


Please provide your information via the Contact Form.  (Include your IP address so we can check to see if something is blocked)

You will want to verify that no firewall software is blocking your request and that the router (if present) is properly configured.

Thank you, Admin


Ok, I've just send them. Thanks for you reply.