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"Plesk Default Page" after upgrading to Extreme Plan

Started by Xeijin, November 16, 2006, 07:50:33 PM

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I recently upgraded to the 'Extreme' Package, however all my subdomains and main domain now seem to be resolving to the 'Plesk Default Page' (see, It seems something has gone wrong but not sure what. I haven't changed my domain nameservers, so that should be allright, was working fine before the upgrade. I'm registered on Plesk, so I logged in and my domain has a red cross sign next to it. When I hover over, it says that the domain has been suspended by the client??

My nameservers point to:



// Xeijin


Upgrading your account on the FreePgs system has nothing to do with the Plesk system.  (It may have been a coincidence)

Please contact us via the Contact Form with specific details (such as Domain Name) so we can investigate this further.

Thank you, Admin