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Issue with FTP

Started by joshuaj, November 04, 2006, 04:51:55 PM

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I have been using an open source content system (joomla) and for some reason it is not allowing me to delete a folder manually in the ftp client.

I thought it was a permissions issue but it won't even let me change the permissions.

I keep getting this messege:
10:50:47] 150 Accepted data connection
[10:50:47] 1374 bytes transferred. (7.80 KB/s) (172 ms)
[10:50:47] 226-Options: -l
[10:50:47] 226 12 matches total
[10:50:47] DELE alist.php
[10:50:47] 550 Could not delete alist.php: Permission denied
[10:50:47] CWD /joomla/components

I have even tried deleting it in the web based ftp client and it doesn't work there either.



it was an issue in the program, I had to make it set the chmod permissions, once I did that I was able to delete the folder.