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Started by benderda, November 04, 2006, 08:11:18 PM

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I can no longer link to any files in my FreePgs account, and all my existing links have ceased to work.

Has there been a change in the address or the policy, or am I doing something differently.

Thanks for any assistance.  I'm stumped.


From the main login page:

** URL Changes **
Quite a while ago, we changed account URLs to be in the format We were previously forwarding requests for your old URL to your new URL (to allow users to change their links) until recently. If you are having problems viewing your pages, be sure you are using the correct URL and that you have your URL properly specified within your script configuration and HTML pages. Your URL can be viewed via the Options panel (in the URLs section).


Thanks.  I guess I've been looking right at it for a while.  duh.   :-\

Appreciate the help.