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I can't upload via FTP anymore...What's wrong?

Started by PixelSierra, November 04, 2006, 10:58:10 AM

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This morning and yesterday evening I tried several times to upload via FTP but I always get this:

WINSOCK.DLL: WinSock 2.0
WS_FTP Pro, Version 7.6, 2002.08.23 (in black letters)

Finding Host ...
Connecting to
Connected to in 0.015, Waiting for Server Response (in green letters and then it loads for a while)

And then after a while I always get this:

Connection closed by remote host. (in red letters)

A few weeks ago I uploaded several times via FTP with no problems at all and now I suddenly can't upload anymore...What's wrong and what must I do so that I can upload via FTP again?

I would appreciate it greatly if someone could help me out...