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adding a domain

Started by Dondavid, October 31, 2006, 05:53:20 PM

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I encounter a very strange problem. I'm trying to add a domain on my account. I followed the instructions given on the website. But I received a mail from Admin saying the domain cannot be added because it is not pointing on the appropriated DNS. I checked and resubmit my request again. Same answer from Admin. I'm sure I entered the appropriated DNS:
(here is a screen from the domain control panel)
Can anybody help please?




Maybe I'm just dense (which is entirely possible), but when I ping that URL the IP that I get back is Maybe you should check to be sure that it is actually being changed?

Something else to check would be: are you selecting the correct kind of domain addition on this site?

(I'm trying to piece together what that screenshot says because I don't speak french, which I think is what that is)


Well I'm sorry i should have translate.
The first line means server's ip. This is the field I'm supposed to enter the DNS.
The second line is the website's URL (the URL it's hosted before it gets it's own domain)

I guess you pinged Then it's normal, because the domain I'm trying to add is But this is a good note I should try and ping that URL to see if the problem doesn't come from the domain provider. But if i try to ping I guess I may get the provider's ip?
I asked the provider admin for more information and I'm still waiting for an answer. I don't understand because I've had already registered 3 domains with them and I proceeded exactly the same way and had no problem.

Thanks You.


OK, I pinged that domain name and got this ip address:

Next I pinged MY domain attached to freepgs and got this ip address:

That would seem (to me) to signal that your domain really isn't pointing to the right place. What it shows is that you're trying to put in the right IP though, so you should probably just wait for the domain provider's response like you said. Other than that, I don't have any idea, sorry.


Well, seems like you're right. Still no reply from the provider. I guess I should buy a domain at
Will I get mail services if I buy a domain at LVCS and remain at Freepgs for hosting?

Thanks for your help brainiac744.


I'm not 100% sure, but I think you get 1 free email address. If not, then I think (not sure if they do this anymore) the admin will point the mail record to the Plesk server so that you can add email addresses. You'd have to use the contact form and ask probably.


Ok, I read carefully the conditions,  seems hosting and email  were offered with a domain. But there are ads with hosting. what kind of ad is it then?


My lvcs domain doesn't have an ad... I have the domain pointed to another server (as in not the lvcs server). I think the ads only come if you choose to use a hosting package on that server?


yes that's what it seems. So I'll buy a domain at LVCS, but I got to wait for my credit card.