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Problem with phpBB

Started by javirolero, May 02, 2007, 05:49:38 PM

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I have read something about this in other post, but i havent it crystalclear yet.

My users can register to my phpbb forum, error says something about emailer.php failing.

Is there something i must enable, or ask administrator to enable?


Log into your account (from and then use the contact form to request that mail() be enabled on your account.


has this functionality been disabled for some reason? just tested and one script i used before, in the same acount, and mailed perfectly now is not doing it ...

thx, i will contact for it.


By the way, another problem with phpBB, that is not probably freepgs problem, but in case someone knows ...

after login, the redirection seems not to work. it is, im logged correctly (if i realod a previus page, im loged) but after the log process i see the clasical "page not found" error page. Any idea?


mail() was disabled probably a few months ago. There was an announcement on the home page and in the forums. Sorry I don't know too much about phpBB though, can't help you with your other problem.


np, brainiac , great help anyway :)


I am a phpbb user, but I haven't encountered the redirection problem yet.