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How to add a domain

Started by coastline, October 03, 2006, 09:00:53 AM

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Dear Staff,
I am your silver user from now on,but I encounter a problem when I attempt to add a domain for my account.
My domain name is and I added it with the option:DNS Records (A/CNAME) Added.
DNS set: IN A

Is the set right?But it just do not work.Need your help,thanks.


You also need to use the contact form and request the domain name be added to the system.


no there is a link in the options panel to add a domain.


First of all, have you received confirmation from the admin that your domain has been added to the system (assuming you filled out the form that evilsprouts is talking about). If not, then it can take up to 24 hours because I'm pretty sure he adds them manually.