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MySQL admin issues

Started by fcser, August 23, 2006, 02:48:15 AM

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I am trying to take an e107 mysql db from a different web site of mine and copy it to a freepgs e107 db. I exported the DB from the original size per the e107 directions. Installed e107 on freepgs, used the same db name / username / pw as the original site. Went to MG the db in the cpanel. When I go to import the db i get errors of either 'db name' exists or else if i delete the db i dont have permission to create the db from my exported file. Is there something I'm over looking here. I tried


and get access denied.

Is there a db admin account that I'm not seeing? It seems like i just don't have permission.....


You need to create a username for your DB, as it is not the same as your recent web site.
If you will create a username for your DB be sure it is not the same as your login to your account.


I found the error. It was the db I exported, wrong type of export or something.  :o
I re-exported it from the original site and then was able to import.
thanks for the response markjay