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All My Files

Started by Kevin, August 22, 2006, 03:49:03 PM

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Do we have any idea where all my files have gone? The password was changed to ddddddd and all the files and database have gone..
Account chillinlounge..

Its very unlikly that old password of 1234miss1234perfect was guessed.. but Was i hacked do we know any details of when the files were deleted?


If your password was changed without your knowledge, my guess would be that you were hacked. All your files were probably erased by this person... hopefully you have made a backup somewhere of your website and databases.

Make sure you choose a new password and tell noone what it is... sorry for your loss, hope I helped out a bit



If the database password was stored in plaintext anywhere, and someone used an exploit that reveals it, no guessing would be required.
meh :P