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mod_rewrite and redirection help needed

Started by photon, August 18, 2006, 11:53:24 AM

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hey guys! i just got a freepgs account, and also a domain name . the domain is pointed towards the default directory

i have a subdirectory called site to which i need to redirect all the users visiting i figured out that it can be done using a .htaccess file. but it doesnt seem to work. can someone help me with the htaccess?

also, instead of displaying the url in the address bar as can it be modified to show ?

any help is appreciated! thanks


This domain does not appear to resolve to our system.  Please be sure you have created the DNS records correctly.

The search function should reveal some other suggestions made by users (when it comes to pointing the domain to a subdirectory within your account)

Thank you, Admin


thanks for the reply.

it was working sometime back, maybe something is wrong with the domain registrar. I will try to fix it..