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MySQL remote connection

Started by mafiareturns, August 10, 2006, 08:27:01 PM

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Due to the 2000 connections/user/hour limitation, I need to move my mysql database to a remote server. I have the database server working fine ( I am able to connect from my linux command line), but I cannot get the webserver to connect to the database server.  I assume this is because your firewall is blocking outgoing connections on 3306, or because you only allow mysql connections to localhost.  Either way, is it possible I could get this changed? I am planning on switching the entire site over to a different server shortly.


Your database user should not be limited to 2k connections per hour.  (This limit was only set for a brief period on some accounts while we were having the problems.  This is not a global limit)

You can already connect to remote MySQL servers.  There is nothing in our setup that would block this.

Thank you, Admin


Make sure you are changing all your settings correctly.
You may have the wrong host name of the server you are trying to connect to.

The name of the host when it is not "localhost" should be in the format ""

Hope this helps,