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Trouble uploading large files

Started by AlexN, July 30, 2006, 05:19:06 AM

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Hi there, i'm  not sure whats wrong but i have a 45mb file and it won't upload. After about 2 hours it just goes to the directory and its not there. I've tried twice and no luck.

I tried splitting the file into 4 parts and still no luck. Should i use the FTP uploader for this? Will the FTP uploader be able to join heaps of small split files into one big one?

Please help :(


An ftp uploader should have no problems uploading files regardless of their size. The online web interfaces for managing files do have limits though as to reduce server load, so this may be why you are having trouble.


I wouldn't split up the files if I were you... unless it is REALLY giving you a problem.

I highly recommend FTP, especially with a good client like SmartFTP or FIleZilla. These will give you better status reports as to what is actually happening to your file as it is uploaded