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Upload Question!

Started by David, July 18, 2006, 09:49:04 PM

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Hey, I'm trying to upload 2 zip files. One 10mb and one 16.2mb but when I try to upload it it tells me the files are to big. I really need to get them uploaded can someone help me out?


What are you using to upload them?

The builtin net2FTP has a size and execution time limit on them (as to try and reduce server load). If you have your own FTP client you will not encounter problems with sizes and time limits.

Windows has a builtin FTP client in Explorer. Just open up my computer, in the address bar enter

You will get an error, thats normal. Press ok, to close the error and go to the File menu and select login as, enter your freepgd username and password in the dialog box and click the Log on button.

You should be able to view your files now, to upload a new file simply drag it / copy it over from another explorer window.