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CHMOD saved with wrong permission and causing loss of owner ship...

Started by dragonkeeper1973, July 08, 2006, 06:25:43 AM

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I am trying hard to get my site up and running but I keep running in to this stupid problem. Every time I start to make the changes to get my site up, I end up losing owner ship to my files and directories. I use the ftp manager to chmod the files I need to and some how it Gert's set from 775 to 066 during the save process. I am then stuck having to run a script to take owner ship back but the script no longer works on your side of things.

I need help with this problem and you to please figure out why this keeps happening.



Check your chmod scripts.

The PHP chmod function accepts an OCTAL value not a DECIMAL value.  Please review more information on the website.

Thank you, Admin


I am a newbie myself, but I have an idea...
If you are running a third party install script that is changing your CHMOD settings and do not fully understand what part of the script is doing this, a quick work around may be to log in to "manage files -> online file manager" and manually change permissions that way. This will only work if the script is only run during setup and not needed after this run once. If the script is run multiple times you will need to delve into the coding of the script and alter it to your needs. I ran into this during my ongoing learning process with third party php driven webbased game.

Hope I have been helpfull.