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Is there something that can be done about the server's speed?

Started by orion000, July 11, 2006, 08:00:48 PM

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i replied to another post but I really do need an answer before I lose all my members. The server is dragging to the point I really don't like trying to get to my own site. I need some kind of response as to if anything can be done because I hate the thought of moving the site, but if that's my only option I need to get making preperations as soon as possible.



I just had a reply to a message i sent earlier, saying: This is due to excessive MySQL usage by some users.

They do seem to have done something, pages are finally loading!

I've been trying all day to post in this thread, and finally can!  ;D


Yes it's going along well now. I hope it stays this way. I know at prime times of the day there might be some drag, but that was rediculous


When it gets really slow like that its often cause some *censored* either accidentally or purposefully ran a script which contains for example a never ending loop which just causes everything to freeze up while the computer tries to process the commands etc. Usually its someone who constantly opens new connections to mysql databases and fills them with useles information... these users are usually temporarily suspended from their account etc.


I would say possibly but it is across many sites, including this one.


The slow server speed is due to abuse of our mysql servers.
We recommend you remove any mysql databases you are not using, this will improve the server load problum.

As of this time, i'm not sure if anyone is using a script that is slowing down the server...


The system should be performing better for everyone (yesterday and today).  2 users were suspended (these two user plus on additional were responsible for 90% of the MySQL load)

The additional user may be suspended or further limited.

Thank you, Admin