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Can someone point me to the how to use a .htaccess file thread.

Started by oneill2004uk, July 05, 2006, 11:56:48 AM

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hi i was told by the admin to host more than one website via this hosting i would need to setup a .htaccess file and that their was a topic on it on the forum anyone know where about it is?

thanks for your help

from tom


Try doing a search. I don't remember when it was, but I know it was posted by webzone, hope that helps :)


i still havn't managed to find this thread yet anyone no where it is?



yea cheers i think thats wht i need but where do i get this .htaccess file from? and how do a edit it when i find it

sadly i'm a complete amateur as you can see by my website:

i'm going to start learning dreamweaver in a few weeks i'm sick of building websites with images because i dont no any code lol

sorry for being the newbie to website making lol but i got to start somewhere


.htaccess is just a plain text file you make. The name of the file is .htaccess (just an extension). Notepad will let you make this I THINK if you set the save as box to all files. Otherwise just upload a file called htaccess.txt (or whatever) and rename it on the server to .htaccess.