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Loading Time website

Started by chillout, June 16, 2006, 07:37:36 AM

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Dear members,
i have a website named
And i live in the Netherlands and the time is differed than in Amerika so most of my member take a look at my site
When its 12:29 till 22.00 ours at amerikan time and i realised that de freepgs server is very slow then ad when i go to my site
at midnight at your time the server is very fast.

Why is that ????

I hope to get a aswer this time my preview post was lock because i post the post 3 time (im sorry but i didnt want to do that on purpose)

Regards Ladotdesign Chillout Admin


Got the same problem (another dutchy using freepgs here ^^ ) but I don't have the feeling it's only slow during US 'rush hours', it's more like a structural problem. I have quite some trouble loading this page smooth as well... and that won't be caused by my connection.


I live in England and I get really slow loading times when I try to use my website aswell, this problem is really frustrating me as I havn't been able to get any further in developing my site.


Yes, the speeds are inconsistant sometimes, and can vary siginficantly. A lot of the time it is running slower than normal, its due to someone running a script which is hogging the CPU power.

webzone (archived)

There are limits set for the use of resources by scripts, at least in PHP (and other languages are not available). A script alone could not slow down the server that much. Instead, I think that there are a few "exceedingly" popular websites hosted here that get so much hits that it brings the server to its knees. My theory is based on the fact that FTP access never slows down (at least for me), even when the websites show slowly.


Anyway, I don't think one can complain about slowliness for such a cheap service as Freepgs... I'm from Belgium and also often suffer from slow loading times, yet it's still quite acceptable.

Be also certain to check all of your scripts are optimized, or that you don't use more MySQL requests than necessary : unoptimized scripts may sometimes multiply loading time quite a lot...


thanks for the support i hope it will be faster soon and i think all the people in other country's than  America.

Regards Alex Chillout admin The Netherlands


I'm pretty sure that the slowdown is caused by the excessive strain on the MySQL server.

I say this since regular HTML pages and PHP scripts load up quickly whereas PHP scripts that use MySQL take ages to load (they sometimes take over 20 seconds to completely load).