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Database connection problem

Started by theelite, June 13, 2006, 03:01:35 PM

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Hi there, our website frequently gets a problem like "cannot connet to database". We're performing some php pages functioning as forums, records tracking, etc. We only have a/b 30 or 40 regular users of our website, and our traffice NEVER hit the maximum loading. So I'm thinking that if the problem is coming from the MySQL settings, such as max_connection or max_user_connection...etc. Is it able to ask a some supports from admins? That would be really appreciated. Thank u very much.


Yeah when the server gets too many connections it locks every 1 out, they have played with the max user things and stuff the problem is better than it was.


But the fact is we still encounter this problem very frequently. :(

Can it be fixed up? We only got 30 or 40 regular users, and maybe 10 of them would access the server at the same time.  :-\

Thx very much.


To allow fair access to the server by all databases users, each user is limited by the number of connections they can have open at any time.

Be sure your script is closing the database connection when it is no longer needed or not opening multiple connections when one connection will work.

We can increase the number of connections slightly, however, if more are desired beyond this point, you may look into a dedicated or virtual dedicated hosting environment where you can control (or are the only user) of the MySQL server.

Thank you, Admin


The "cannot connect to database" problem happened again today, and wasn't available either. The site I wanted to access wasn't one of the domains on the plesk server.