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Started by TomMystery, June 05, 2006, 04:13:13 AM

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Does webmail work? or is it a non-working PLESK feature?

I enabled webmail on one of my accounts, but I get the default PLESK page whenever I type in


Ok, I can pickup my mail by using as my incoming pop3.  What is the outgoing server? because I get timed out on

Also is it possible to pickup mail via the web?


ok I tried changing it to and it seems to work now, although it takes about 30 seconds to send a test mail.  Is this normal?

I still haven't figured out webmail access though...


Ok I think you have to enable web mail in your plesk panel. is the pop3 server but you have to get your own SMTP server from your isp or something.

Hope this helps.


Hmmm, ok.

I initially thought that a SMTP serever was also provided.

However I'm still wondering about web access because just gives me a default PLESK page.  And I do have webmail enabled on PLESK.

- Rob.

P.S. At the end of all this I'll probably write a tutorial on how to setup mail to answer the questions I've encountered.


Somewhere on the plesk panel there is a little icon which opens up the web mail loin page does that work?


webmail.domain.tld works for me. Did you enable control panel access when you setup the mail account? Perhaps thats the setting?

-- Andy


Ok, I verfied my settings on PLESK and I have control access enabled.  Also, when I use the webmail icon I either get a "Page Not Found" error or I get a PLESK Default Page.

Ideas? ???

- TomMystery


Maybe it just takes a little to update like when reconfiguring domains, aside from that i'm afraid i've got no other ideas :(


Yea my horde also isn't working.  I' m not quite sure why... admin any ideas?


It seems that Plesk didn't properly rebuild the files after the upgrade (nothing new)

I have rebuilt the files.  Webmail should be working for all Plesk users at this time.

Thank you, Admin


That fixed the problem.

One final question.  Is there a way to pickup the mail on outlook yet still have it on the webmail server?


Yes, you can use POP3 and tell Outlook not to remove the messages from the server, or use IMAP.

Thank you, Admin