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domain issues

Started by mandyranne, March 13, 2006, 03:00:56 AM

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I have never had a domain before, so bare with my ignorance. I went to set it up, followed the instructions (except the part about not submitting more than once-oops), but for some reason when I go to my domain it says:

This is the Plesk™ default page
If you see this page it means:
1) hosting for this domain is not configured or
2) there's no such domain registered in Plesk.
For more information please contact @adminemail@.

I have used all the IP addresses I can find on the site and in recent forum posts, but it isn't working.  ???


Domain registration usually takes between 2 and 24 hours (sometimes longer if your ISP sucks... like mine :P), especially if you configure it using the A record and CNAME records. A useful tool for checking to see if everything is working (using windows) is to go to command prompt, and type "nslookup" without the quotes, then typing in the domain you registered. This queries your ISP's DNS (the server which allows you to access the internet). After you type in the domain, it should spit out one of two IP addresses, one of them is the FreePgs one you set up, the other one is the IP address of the registrar you used to buy the domain. If you are getting the FreePgs one, all *should* be fine, if you are getting the registrar's one (or something entirely different), then your ISP has not refreshed its DNS yet.

Edit: Forgot to mention, that when you are using nslookup, its a good idea to ensure you are using the right server for the queries, to do that, open another command prompt window, type "ipconfig /all" without the quotes, and then in nslookup type "server" where the 'x''s are the ip address of your DNS server that ipconfig gave you.


Be sure you have pointed your domain to the correct IP address.

The correct IP address is listed in the "Setup Domains" section of the Options panel.

If you are seeing the Plesk page, you are not pointing to the correct IP address [unless you have an account on the Plesk server]

You should be pointing to as stated in the "Setup Domains" section of the Options panel.

Once you make this change, you will need to wait 1-24 hours to see the change.  The amount of time depends on your DNS provider (that you made the DNS changes with) and your ISP if they do not adhere to the TTL values presented.

Thank you, Admin


You appear to have pointed your domain to our nameservers, however, when submitting the request you selected "DNS Records".

I will add your domain to our nameservers since that is how you have it configured.  This will allow your site to resolve.

In the future, please be sure to select the correct option when adding domains to the system.

Thank you, Admin


Hi all

sorry to hijack post but it was relevent to my problem

Admin i am having similair problems .

I am using option 2 name servers and keep getting told that i havent pointed my domain name servers to yours.

I have set my name servers to this:


And on the form i have  set www aswell as option 2 (Changed to Nameservers Listed)

have i missed something???

Thank you



It's also my first time setting up a domain.

I bought a domain from and set the A record through their website to the IP specified on the freepgs Domain Setup page and entered the name of the domain in the form with the the A/CNAME DNS record option selected.

I have waited about a day and when I go to the domain ( I see the freepgs page saying that the domain has not been linked to a user account.

Have I done something wrong or am I just being impatient?

Sorry if I'm wasting your time!



Have you setup the domain via the options panel?



Have you received an email from the admin saying your domain has been added?


Ah, no I haven't.

I guess I'm just being impatient!

Thanks for taking the time to help me out :)



Lol Ahh yeah I think u get an email when it's added if I remember right.

Np at all.  :)


I'll start another new question in the same thread dealing with domain issues.  According to your page (step 6) :

# Due to the number of invalid domain requests, we now require the domain to resolve to our IP address or nameservers before we can associate it with your account. Be sure you own the domain, have registered it, and have pointed it to our nameservers and/or IP address before using the form below.

I don't know the exact reasoning, but it really isn't a good way to do this because of step 5 (taking up to 24 hours).  It makes it impossible to make a smooth transition between another server and this one as the site is off the air for 24 hours.  I would hope you would re-think this policy and allow the domain addition to happen before the DNS is changed allowing smooth transitions.


Most domains are updated in a matter of minutes, not days.

There are exceptions.  We can work with you on these.

In the past, we would add the domain and pend the account to check if the domain is actually pointed here.  60-70% of the domains added by users are not owned by them or are never pointed here.

Thank you, Admin