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Question re. recently created subdomains and Page Rank

Started by ledbetter, June 03, 2006, 12:53:22 AM

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Quote from: Osprey on June 04, 2006, 07:33:26 PM
You could make the backup pages inaccessible in protected directorys or zipped files, or maybe robots.txt could help prevent them being indexed? The duplicate content thing is great, it prevents people from putting the same content everywhere. People who get articles from free sites for example, it tends to show a site thrown together quickly and therefore has lesser value. If i did a search for something and the top 20 results contained links to the same article on 20 different domains i wouldn't be too impressed.

It's easier to get higher ranks in MSN i find, thats a result of googles complex system for PRs though i would expect.

You could also consider linking a domain to your account?
Besides, It's only $3 hosting.

My main web site is "Free Web Hosting Reviewed" -- so the point is NOT to pay for hosting ( only charges a one-time fee).

I have paid-for domain names for a couple of my sites hosted elsewhere for free. But pointing a domain name to my freepgs account would point to, not (unless I modfied my .htaccess file - but I should not have to modify an .htaccess file to associate a domain with a subfolder, and I do not have to fool with htaccess when I point addon domains to subfolders in accounts hosted elsewhere).

Also, associating a domain would not solve the problem with all the old links pointing to, etc. I'm not about to spend my time changing 100s and 1000s of links for pennies. Here is a bit of my attitude:

My backup pages (single-page snaphots of the Free Web Hosting Reviewed homepage) are online so that surfers can find them when my site is not accessible due to problems at Therefore I want the backup pages indexed so that surfers can find them.

"Free Web Hosting Reviewed" does not bring in enough revenue for me to worry about Google's whims, and only one of the backup pages shows up in the top 5 Google results for the search "Free Web Hosting Reviewed."

The page rank problem may be due to the fact that the affiliate network promotes (and redirects to) my site, which is fine because their links bring me quite a bit of traffic:

QuoteFree Web Hosting Reviewed
Free Web Hosting Reviewed. No-cost Mostly Ad-free Web Hosts and Related Services–by David Ledbetter. Web Hosting News (plus misc. info.) May 1st, 2006 ... - 90k - Cached - Similar pages

Thanks for the feedback.