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My domain isn't working

Started by nscelica, May 17, 2006, 01:15:12 AM

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   Registered through: LVCS.NET
   Domain Name: NSCELICA.COM

   Domain servers in listed order:

When I log into the plesk server everything is fine but it cannot find my site when I go to

Can anyone please help me?


Did you add the domain to your plesk account?

How will it know which site to go to if you just point it at the name servers? You need to tell the server its pointing to what to do with address.. I don't know about LVCS, but on freepgs you can request the domain to be added through a form.


Yeah its on there, everything was working up until a days ago. I've had this for about 8 months now and it worked fine.


I'm seeing a page about 2hott's chat site for NSCELICA.COM.  I'd assume that means it's online now. :P
meh :P