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Fatal Error 2006 - bY: owz

Started by cheeseball, May 15, 2006, 04:07:51 PM

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I re-uploaded my index.php file on my site ( but I still get the "Fatal Error 2006 - bY: owz".  I noticed that the php-based news system Im using has the same message.   Is there a problem with the PHP?

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I think you need to re-upload any file with index in so that would be index.php index.html anything.


check template directories.  I had that issue with wordpress
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ANYTHING that was named index was changed to that message. Doesn't matter what extensioin you had, if you had an image called "index.gif" it is probably corrupt and you could open it in notepad and get the error message. I have WBBlite forums and I had to change a crap load of template files and all kinds of stuff.
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