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Files not updating (or something like it)

Started by sasurfers, May 09, 2006, 01:47:32 PM

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Im not sure if this is something ive done but when I upload something then go to the address it doesnt come up like its as if I didnt upload it. It comes up in the ftp I think but when i go to the address as in its not there! What could this be? Im on the plesk server by the way.


If you are using the Plesk server, be sure you have uploaded the file to the "httpdocs" folder.  Also, be sure you are typing the filename exactly as it shows in your account.  (This system is case sensitive)

Thank you, Admin


nope still didnt work. I got this when I tried it:

Not Found

The requested URL /test.html was not found on this server.

and the file on ftp says test.html and is in my root folder (httpdocs)


I'm having a similar problem...  is my home directory.  It brings up the site index.  Clicking on httpdocs brings up another folder, phpMyAdmin-  if you try clicking on that to view the files it contains I get a 404 error.  Permissions are set correctly, I verified them by hand.


I bought a domain:

I still can't view the files on my site still shows the directory tree, and won't let me access things that I know are there.  Any help would be really appreciated.



You need to create a file called "index.html" or "index.php" in the "httpdocs" directory to show that file instead of the list of files.

You are on the FreePgs server.  Be sure you are attempting to access files with the correct name and have uploaded them to this account.  Since you (like almost everyone else) is on the FreePgs server, you do not need to upload files to the "httpdocs" directory.  You must upload them to the root directory.  Any directory you create in your account will need to be added to your path to access those files.

You must also create an index file named "index.html" or "index.php".  "Default.htm" is not an index document on this system.  (You can modify this via .htaccess files)  You are receiving the other errors because you have not set the URLs properly within your script (the URLs would be http://<yourdomain>/httpdocs/<file> as you have them now.  Upload your files to your root directory to avoid this problem.  The error when clicking phpmyadmin says the config file should not be world writable.  This means the config file should NOT be set to 666 or 777.  Please try changing the config file to 660 or the default 644 if the script does not need to update the file.

For users on the Plesk server, you will see an "httpdocs" directory that already exists.  You will not be able to upload files to your root folder and must change to the "httpdocs" directory before uploading.  FreePgs users that are not using the Plesk Control Panel to manage their site will not have this problem and do not need to use the "httpdocs" directory.

If you do not manage your account via, you are not on the Plesk server.

If your site is on the Plesk system, please use the Contact Form to have your account reviewed or reconfigured.  Be sure you have not created a subdomain named "www" for example.

Thank you, Admin