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Time to moan again...

Started by alan543, May 12, 2006, 08:01:16 PM

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Most of the sites I maintain on plesk have been down for at least the last 13 hours *yet again*

I'd love to get an answer on why this happens... anyone??? I suspect that far too many customers have been taken on at this stage?

I recommended and set up a lot of my clients on freepgs and I look like a bit of a fool now, not just due to the amount of downtime but the fact that I have no answers as to the reasons for the downtime and how long it will last. The thought of migrating all the sites and databases to another host is a bit of a pain... but looks inevitable. More than a full working day without your web site and especially email is just too much. I guess you get what you pay for...


Please provide us with some more information.  For example what time this happened and on what days?  I personally have a few sites on plesk and they have been running just fine.  Please let us know some more detail.  Also what domains?


I always warn my friends/cosiers that I have reccomended freepgs to this: "Freepgs is GREAT and it's VERY CHEAP. However the reason it is so cheap is because they don't garuntee uptime, they're up at least 97% of the time, but they don't garuntee it".

SO maybe always cover your ass so you never look like a fool.

I don't use plesk, but in the period of about 1 year I have only experienced about 22 hours of downtime TOTAL (that's excluding the fire we had, it's not fair to blame for a freaking fire)
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My website has also been down for a few hours but oh you said "you get what you pay for" I paid for a server thats not going to be up all the time.


thats the reason i moved back from the plesk server... the downtime. the freepgs server doesn't experience half of the crap that the plesk one does


I would like to change but theres just so many databases and files on my plesk it would take days to change over. :(