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What has happened to my 3 accounts operations

Started by Wirenut, April 27, 2006, 07:56:43 AM

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 :(  Hey Admin, or Gordon, I have sent 3 private e-mails to you guys, 3  4  & 5 days ago with no answer.
The Admin aproved me using cgi for my FM's because I use them with webtv, not my PC. and I understood that my scripts posed no threat to the freepgs server because I don't let any out to the public, just for personal use.
The FM's will open, but none of the tools and or scripts I use in them will operate, nor will anything I click on work in the FM's and even using the Freepgs FTP FM doesn't work for me properly. I checked what I call the cpanel and my cgi is inabled, but nuttin works.
NOW...... anything file I click, won't work. I have brought a list of files for you to check your self, so you can see they won't open, even gif's, html pages, etc even my index.html won't open.
Please e-mail me or help please.
I have 3 $8.00 accounts going to waste.

Here is a short list of files I couldn't get to work 30 min's ago.

UH OH, I just noticed the URL's are not even the correct ones and I cut, copyed and pasted them from my account. What Gives with the 2 // and my user name missing. I am leaving some of them just the way I collected them.
PS: I have been on the internet 7 yrs and this is a first. I am not ill, I just need answers guys. Thanks.
I have modify this post because I see freepgs is having a big problem. Will be back later.


You will have to correct the scripts if they are not going to the correct paths.

Most likely your email service (or client) is blocking our return messages or moving them into your Spam folder.

Thank you, Admin


Yes Some of your e-mails have been going into junk, but I have been reading them. And I do thank you for all the answers you have given. I e-mailed you, the Admin and also Gordon early this morning, but they were returned because I had some smileys and a color background, so I recopied them and sent them to you again. They were not returned this time so I hope you recieved them. It pertained to the accounts I am giving away. I have emptied 1 account and am working on the other one. I recommended 1 to a person that had e-mailed me about wanting one of them. I hope you recieved the e-mail.
As for my scripts not working, I am going to the plesk account when I have time and try to do what I can there.
Please let me know if you recieved my e-mail I sent to you early this morning.
I am outa here for some needed rest, but will check back here and also my e-mail late this evening.
Thanks again for all the help.