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mysql import/export issues

Started by MaestroC, May 04, 2006, 12:07:20 PM

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I have a strange question to ask that is causing me no end of frustrations.  I have to export my database and upload it to a different server.  I have done this many times before, but this time I am getting some very strange results.  Many of my tables are having their attributes changed during the export process.  For example, this is the structure of a field called 'id' the way it is on my freepgs database:

     id     int(11)         UNSIGNED     No         auto_increment

But when imported to the new server it winds up looking like this:

     id     int(11)     UNSIGNED     No     0     

The default zero and lack of the auto_increment statement are making the site unusable once it is moved to the new server because no one can add new content to the table.

Now, I could change this one field if I wanted to, but there are dozens of these errors all over the place in my database after it is imported to the new server.  I have tried different settings for the export including setting it to MYSQL40 and even MYSQL323 for compatibility but the errors still persist.  I know the new system has a lower version of mysql than Freepgs does.

Does anyone have any idea what I should try next because I am at the end of my rope on this.  I can't figure out why the exported file will not import correctly.