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deleting files error

Started by faethin, April 21, 2006, 04:21:11 PM

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I get an error when i try deleting specific things...

(/fpgs/fpgshttpd/****/****/deleteme/pics/thumbnail_random/image0.jpg) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in /home/admin/ on line 22

happens on this and some other itmes when i try editing them... very annoying
any ideas?


This will occur if you used a script to create the file.

You must use a script to remove the file.

Use unlink() or chmod() via a PHP script file.

You can also use the Contact Form and request to have all of your files chown'd back to the correct username.

Thank you, Admin


Hi Admin folk,

I'm having the same trouble, and yes it is with files created by a script. Can't CHMOD either.

Can you give an example of a script to delete the files..... I'm worried about experimenting and deleting the whole site!



If you create a file with a script, it can only be chmod'd via a script due to the different ownership of the files.

You can also send a Contact request (logged in) and state you need your file ownership reset back to the correct user.

Thank you, Admin