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My PHP script stopped working on April 9th

Started by Ebenezer Codpiece, April 16, 2006, 10:22:17 AM

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Ebenezer Codpiece


The PHP script which runs on my index page to log site hits appears to have stopped working on April 9th.  It was working up to and including that date but then my logs suddenly stopped being produced.  I've just pointed my browser to the site: the page load with an undefined error and no new entry appeared on the log file.  It's as if PHP is disabled.

The URL is but my other sites are exhibiting the same problem.

Was PHP disabled for some reason?  On or around that day?  Or maybe just one of the functions I'm using: getenv() and error_log()?


Edit: My contact form appears to work okay - mail() works, error_log() doesn't, then header() does.

Edit(2): No, getenv() works okay - it must be error_log().  Does it use the now-disabled popen() and pclose() functions?

Ebenezer Codpiece

Thanks, chaps, for your help with this problem.  I've had several off-forum exchanges of email with your support bods and my problems have gone away.

Thanks again,