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Internet Explorer - Display Issues

Started by Osprey, April 09, 2006, 06:05:49 PM

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Hey Guys,

Was wondering if anyone could help me here please. I'm nearing the completion of my newest website, - URL Redirection service.

Unfortionately although it displays correctly in Firefox and is valid HTML, it displays incorrectly in Internet Explorer.

I thought i'd try using CSS and divides, usually i use tables - Seems divides are favoured these days though. Anyway, i've solved a big problem with the way IE handles padding. I've still got 3 display issues though.

A) At the right end of the adsense block it seems the divide is not streching long enough.. (Theres a grey gap at the end)

B) I want to center the divides, without centering the content inside it.

C) At the top, theres extra space below the main banner and the border.

These errors are only in IE.. it's very annoying - I've tried a fair few ideas so far and none have worked - Any help much appreciated!

- Osprey


Annoying as IE is, i finally sorted the problems!

A) Silly mistake - had set the wrong class!

B) Used center tags and assigned text-align to all classes inside tags.

C) IE didn't like how i had indented my code,