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Support Requests / Re: Databases
February 15, 2007, 05:20:55 PM
I've sent a high-priority email to admin, so hopefully he'll check shortly..

Support Requests / Re: Databases
February 15, 2007, 04:55:48 PM
Mysql 5 server's status is returning as "Error!" I don't have access directly to the server to fix it, however, so you'll have to wait for admin to log on to fix it.

Note: The "localhost" server is still up, if you have databases on that server, they aren't affected.

Support Requests / Re: Database errors
October 26, 2006, 05:06:38 PM
Wow, I log on for the first time in awhile and there's a problem.

I haven't got any information about the problem, other than that it's not working and coming up as "Error!" on the server status info. I have no way of resetting it, sorry. Admin has to log on and do it.

As stated in the contact form request you sent in, your account is NOT trwoodworks, but sudsyuncle.

The domain name "" is working fine.

Support Requests / Re: TK Domain Setup
June 15, 2006, 12:41:25 AM
Request Status: Failed.

For more information, go here (Account Options, Support Options, View Contacts)
Support Requests / Re: FreePgs FAQ
June 13, 2006, 05:16:47 AM
I've added and updated some questions. If you have any question you feel should be answered here, please PM me.
Ok, depending on your FTP program, it may be differant. Try reading the help files.

You can also try to do it through the online managers..

In the File Manager, click on the permissions column on the file you want. That will bring you to a page that lists permissions you can choose from.

In the FTP File manager, select the files you want to chmod. Then, in the top right corner, there's a button that says "chmod". Fill out the form for each file and save it.
Support Requests / Re: CSS
June 05, 2006, 03:31:43 PM
Keep the conversation appropriate. Gotta remember topics like that are against the terms of FreePgs, and anything against the rules may be eaten alive by the trash can..
That would most likely be caused by a hidden file not being displayed by the file manager.
Support Requests / Re: did i get hacked?
April 03, 2006, 09:37:06 PM

They gained access to the server directly. Just re-upload your index files and it'll be fine.

More information will be avalible shortly.
Support Requests / Re: What is Plesk?
April 03, 2006, 09:28:43 PM
The Fatal error message hasn't been publically announced, I'll go post it on the main freepgs site now.
Support Requests / Re: Plesk... help?
April 03, 2006, 07:20:03 PM
The FreePgs backup policy is in the General forum.

The Plesk message is because the server is being reprovisioned, all data was cleared from it. Most of the PLESK data was backed up, so if that hasn't appeared online yet, it should soon.

The "Fatal Error 2006 - bY: owz" is on the main server.  Someone seems to have deleted index.html and index.php files for accounts beginning with a-r, as far as I can tell.

Just upload a backup if you receive a "Fatal Error" . These errors are appearing all over the internet, so it's not just FreePgs.
Support Requests / Re: What is Plesk?
April 03, 2006, 07:15:59 PM
Plesk is a differant server completly. If you can access your sites via you're not hosted on Plesk.

Recently, someone gained access to files on the server somehow, and seems to have deleted index.php and index.html files, replacing them with the "Fatal Error 2006" message. This isn't just on FreePgs, it's all over the internet. It just seems to be index files, so just reupload from a backup.
Support Requests / Re: Plesk Services down??
April 03, 2006, 07:11:24 PM
We don't actually own the PLesk server, it's a virtual dedicated server.

Last I heard, admin was trying to back up all the data before it was removed. As much as possible will be saved.
Support Requests / Re: Forum hacked?!
April 03, 2006, 07:07:43 PM
Actually gordon, it doesn't seem to be just .php or just .html or all of either of them. I have some index.php files that are fine, some index.html files that are fine, and some of both that were destroyed.

And to all who were hacked, and anyone else,  KEEP BACKUPS. It's a 5 minute fix if you have a backup.