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Support Requests / keep in touch ;)
July 09, 2007, 08:35:24 PM
It would be nice to know of any downtime or changes to the server by email.
For instance a simple email with information as to such an event or events would be really nice.
Alternately host the forum some were else and post downtime or changes there.
so that people know what’s going on in such regards:)

Alternately I could become omnipotent (This is something I’m working on, especially for girls changing rooms ;)

I'm trying to use Windows Live™ Custom Domains E-mail service and I'm having a little trouble configering it.
How do I....

Change or add an MX Record

Step 1 (Required): Change or add an MX Record (Mail Exchange Record)

Step 2 (Required): Delete all other MX Records that are not set to the value above.

Step 3 (Recommended): Add a SenderID which is a TXT Record (Text Record)

tnx :)