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  Would someone please fix this support forum
banner.  It needs a link back to
Here's how :)

  What I did was change the home button to
read "Forum", and then insert a button called
"Main" right before it.

To do this, go into the file:

and change $txt[103] = 'Home" to Read $txt[103] = 'Forum".

To add the new Main Button; go into;


echo ($current_action=='home' || $context['browser']['is_ie4']) ? '<td class="maintab_active_' . $first . '">&nbsp;</td>' : '' , '
<td valign="top" class="maintab_' , $current_action == 'home' ? 'active_back' : 'back' , '">
<a href="', $scripturl, '">' , $txt[103] , '</a>
</td>' , $current_action == 'home' ? '<td class="maintab_active_' . $last . '">&nbsp;</td>' : '';


echo ($current_action == 'main' || $context['browser']['is_ie4']) ? '<td class="maintab_active_' . $first . '">&nbsp;</td>' : '' , '
<td valign="top" class="maintab_' , $current_action == 'main' ? 'active_back' : 'back' , '">
<a href="../index.php">Main</a>
</td>' , $current_action == 'main' ? '<td class="maintab_active_' . $last . '">&nbsp;</td>' : '';

Hey you guys,

  I installed coppermine gallery here with no problem.  I didn't have to
enter any path for image tools, was not necessary, in my case, as
coppermine detected the software, and did not need to configure any

  Thank you for allowing the rewrite, neat trick, and it's nice to
be able to play with my domain names like this.
    I had something strange going on the other day, where
one domain kept jumping to my root folder, which was
another domain.  Well, what I did was to leave my root empty,
not a domain name, just domain subfolders, and it's now smooth
as glass...  This may also allow me to use one set of images/scripts,
for all domains?... I'm playing with that now.
   Again, thanks for this great service; and great support.

For the record, there is a slight discrepancy as to
the recommended root htaccess format code.

Look at the  \/ missing on the second code. Which
is it? 

First recommendation was:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?EXAMPLE.NET$
RewriteRule ^(DIRECTORY\/)?(.*)$ DIRECTORY/$2 [L]

Now Admin has me using:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?EXAMPLE.NET$
RewriteRule ^(DIRECTORY/)?(.*)$ DIRECTORY/$2 [L]


  How do I Backup and then restore, preserving the file permissions?
I moved a php program from one site to another, but I lost the file
permissions!  HELP?
February 17, 2007, 09:59:11 PM

  I've been fighting a dbase file for months,
trying to get the file to import.  I contacted
admin, and they tell me to break the dbase
into several sections, so that I can locate the
problem table.

  Well, admin/Ben is correct, in that I was able
to single out the problem table, called template
which is the table which contains all of my CMS
php/html includes. 

  The table is 1.3mb in size, and my question is, would
this size cause a time-out error on freepgs settings? 
I've done several things, otherwise, trying to correct
a possible error,  but I need to know if it's timing-out,
no error, before I keep wasting my time with this monster.

   SMF has an advertising mod (add-in )that you can download
from them, which will give you a form in which you can enter
your ad banners.

  Other than that, you would have to modify the index.template.php
file for your particular theme or themes.  The ad-in above might work
across multiple themes, but I doubt it.

  If you would like to use my index.template.php file, just let me know:

Support Requests / Re: Server too slow
February 13, 2007, 11:13:01 PM
mysql, just to view the table structure, took
exactly 7 minutes; for my 2.5mb sql file.  Totally
horrifying performance...
Support Requests / Re: Need mysql help!
February 13, 2007, 11:09:46 PM
  I've been jacking with this since 9am, all freaking day long
with this darn server. I moved the file elsewhere, so that I
can work with it with any kind of decent speed. Is there a
way to excess it from here, instead of using this one?
Support Requests / Need mysql help!
February 13, 2007, 09:12:58 PM
   I've exported my file.sql dbase file from
elsewhere, and am trying to import the text here,
but it's not importing.  It appears to be loading,
but the finished product comes up empty, no tables. 
It's too big to paste, like 2.5mb, and so I need
another option.

  The server is painfully slow... 

  I googled this subject, and came up with
several scenerios, and I'm wondering if someone
can explain to me how to configure this sql command line?

yourbox> mysql -h host -u user -pPasswd yourdatabase < sqlfile.sql

  The problem may be language related, but I have imported this same
file before with no problems.


Support Requests / Re: Server Sending Email!?!?!?!
February 13, 2007, 09:04:21 PM
Try another email address to send it to, not a
public yahoo/goog/hot email address.  I've had
the same problem, in that google will not accept
email sent from freepgs due to freepgs horrible
spam history, which is now supposedly resolved. 
Support Requests / Re: MYSQL QUESTION
February 13, 2007, 01:12:54 AM
Never mind.  It appears that text-editor will work on sql.
I'm going to test it and see, with a backup of coarse.
Support Requests / MYSQL QUESTION
February 13, 2007, 12:52:26 AM
  Can someone please tell me how to export or convert the database sql into
txt format? I need to find/replace thousands of changed file paths in my
database file.  Previously, I've always been able to export as txt and then
use find/replace-all with dreamweaver or notepad. 
  I ran the smf repairsettings.php file, and it allowed me to repair
about 5 instances of incorrect
But this did not correct the problem.  I think the problem is with rewrite
or something.  Keep in mind that is a subdomain of,
and so it's really tricky.

No luck there either, it adds server root
to the address bar, after
This is really not all that important to me right now.
If you do think of something, please pm or email it to me.

I appreciate your support, and time with this. As
you can see, the site is coming together fairly
quickly. Anything there, you guys are welcome to
have, just grab it or let me know if you need
something sent.

Many Thanks,