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Support Requests / EMERGENCY
March 06, 2006, 08:25:20 PM
Emergency. Admins please help me immediately, all my files have been deleted today!!!! Everything!!! there are only 2 files left in my account.

And look at this, it wasn't me or someone who logged into the control panel cause my status check still says i have 60something mb i've used yet there are only 2 tiny files and my whole site is gone!

Please help, Please don't tell me that for a second time everything is gone!
Support Requests / Domain Not Resolving ?
November 19, 2005, 08:00:21 PM
I updated my nameservers of to
almost a full day ago. I would have though it would have resolved by now, but it simply comes up with a server not found page from your browser.

I had it on my freepgs account before, so technically the settings should be ok. I don't understand why though its not resolving.

btw I couldn't NS01.BACKUPDNS.COM because my registrar kep putting it as my primary name server when I pressed submit even though i listed it very clearly under third nameserver.

Edit: By the way I just did a whois on my domain and it says its pointing to the correct nameserver (NS1.LVCS.NET & NS2.LVCS.NET) so I'm assuming the problem is on the freepgs end. But the control panel says its setup to receive as a domain? So i'm assuming some how the fire affected this?
I'm trying to switch but i'm running into difficulties....

I'm using XOOPS for my CMS (

And I have exported my xoops database from plesk and imported it into my freepgs account....

But when I try to load a page I get a
XOOPS path check: Script is not inside XOOPS_ROOT_PATH and cannot run.

When I looked up what this error was about it says I need to alter the physical path to the root for my xoops site.

So I entered: /home/httpd/vhosts/httpdocs/

Which theoretically should be the correct path right? Assuming my xoops site is actually in that folder.

But I still receive the same error and on the plesk server I had it set to


(Where is my domain) and it worked/works perfectly.

Can someone help me with this please?