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Can you please take a look at my plesk3 account, I migrated it about 2 months from freepgs and probably did something wrong and now I can no longer access it.

I was fooling around with domain name creation in plesk, as well as the dns settings. Initially I had all the dns data taken care of from my registrar side and I wanted to see how I can do a redirection if I used plesk. After a few days I could no longer log in to my account.

Username: dacia_ws

Support Requests / files with owner 48 / permission 755
January 09, 2007, 08:07:25 AM

1. I've got a whole bunch of files and folders whose owner appears to be 48 and permission is 755 (my user's owner ID is 501). I'm guessing they were created by some scripts that I tried and now I can't delete these files anymore. How can I remove them?

2. I am trying to install a script that requires a large number of files to be chmod'd 777 during installation. Is it possible to get SSH access? I could handle them much better that way.