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Support Requests / E-mail on FREEPGS???
December 18, 2006, 11:49:48 AM
I've been wondering ever since I got an account...

Ok. So I have a domain name. When I registered it, the registrar was redirecting my mail sent to to my gmail account.

Then, I changed the nameservers to point my domain to freepgs account. So, my registrar was not able to redirect my mail any more. As far as I understand (and I don't  ;D) freepgs can't do it. So, it is impossible to get my mail to "" get redirected to gmail account? Right? ::) So I lost my nice cool email. ???
Support Requests / Joomla! TROUBLES (mmkay?)
July 18, 2006, 07:10:51 AM
I'm trying to install Joomla! and I can't even start the installation process. I have been trying every thing possible, can't figure it out. :( I guess I'm stupid. Sure it's something really simple. Please help! (By the way, any successful attempts to have a Joomla! based web-site on Anybody? ::))

What I did was:
- Enabled PHP
- Created MySQL database (which I haven't used yet, since I can't even get to that point)
- Uploaded all the files through FTP to root folder.
- Changed all the permissions to 777.
- Attempted to execute index.php through browser...

404 :o

Mmmkay... I read some more on htaccess.txt and that kinda stuff. Started experimenting with htaaccess.txt (uncommented "Options" line, than even erased it at all - no luck :-\)
And the funniest thing is, that before it would show directory listing, but (i guess as soon as you upload stupid htaccess.txt file there) now just goes 404. ???
Please, be nice ppl and help me out. Thanks. Try not to skip anything, even if it "comes without saying" - I'm inexperienced with PHP, CMS and things like that. Trying to learn, you know... So please don't be too scientific.