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Support Requests / FTP Access Problem
November 19, 2006, 02:39:07 PM

I am having some problems with ftp access and I would like to get it solve. It's been 2 days im trying to access ftp and I can't. Im using Filezilla with the following settings: Port 21
Servertype: FTP
Logontype normal
with passive mode enabled...

I am behind a router but I tried removing it and it still dind't work..
When i trying to connect it says Connecting to and after about 1 min it says Unable to connect.
What is funny is that im using filezilla to connect to another ftp server and it work #1 everytime!
What's wrong? Please help because i need to uplaod some file on my server and it's too long via internet ftp!


Support Requests / Coppermine gallery
November 11, 2005, 01:42:51 AM

I just saw that freepgs server us back online! What a great news! Ok, i tried to reinstall my coppermine gallery but I get an error everytime!!!
If you use PHP 5+, register_long_arrays must be on(thats in php.ini)! How can I make my picture gallery works!!!

Please help!