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Support Requests / Re: Linking to my old url
February 02, 2008, 08:53:25 PM
Double posting but felt I should also say this...

I have been a quiet user on freepgs for the past year or so. But I have to say thanks as well! Freepgs has helped me develop my skills in webhosting and helped my site grow... Thank you for letting me migrate with you to plesk... The service is great and you guys deserve your part in all this... I hope your webhosting service booms with new/non fraudulent customers.. Lame how 70% were false accounts... I am proud to be a supporter of freepgs you guys take good care of us! ^-^

I new absolutely nothing about html, java, php, or anything to do with webhosting before I bought my account here last year... But now I am almost able to script my own webpages and run phpbb3 efficiently... I was determined not to be a high maintains customer b.c. I knew you guys we rent making us pay monthly fee's... So I worked hard to figure it all out on my own.. Once I'm used to the new interface on plesk I promise that ill continue to be a good customer and not complain about small junk :)

I hope I can generate good traffic someday and manage to upgrade my account for you guys earn yah some $ to help you out :) But for now I'm only 19 trying to get into college with no job So you have no idea how much I appreciate you letting me continue my account with you.
Support Requests / Linking to my old url
February 02, 2008, 08:33:44 PM
Hey I posted a request for this in the help desk but I guess no one has spotted it yet. I need to link my freepgs url to the plesk server... I dont have an actual real domain name yet so please hook me up :) I cant do anything till the url is fixied :(

I will be eternally greatful if a freepgs mod/admin could help meh out ^-^

my site if your curious