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2nd downtime?

Started by queefer, December 15, 2005, 12:55:37 AM

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Hi, I can't get on my site. Is this the second downtime this month???



What is a 'RAID array' anyways?  ???
- Ghost -


When will the sites be back up??


RAID: Redundant Array of Independant Disks
I believe FreePgs uses RAID-5, so here's a definition of that:

RAID-5: This type includes a rotating parity array, thus addressing the write limitation in RAID-4. Thus, all read and write operations can be overlapped. RAID-5 stores parity information but not redundant data (but parity information can be used to reconstruct data). RAID-5 requires at least three and usually five disks for the array. It's best for multi-user systems in which performance is not critical or which do few write operations.

As for when the sites will be back up, sometime soon hopefully. I've been able to connect to FreePgs at some times, so I don't know...


not cool, i need to update my site i was about to relaunch! Not cool!!!!! Hope it gets fixed soon!


The system is currently back up and running.

(No data was lost, we rebuilt the Array so if one drive would fail, no data would be lost)

The RAID array was "degraded" when we had the power problems at the DC (when the power was reset 4 times within a 30 minute period)

The system was running on 3 of the 4 drives.  I did not realize this until I visited the server and noticed the failed drive lights.

Thank you, Admin